Solo Act

This player contains covers of well known songs I perform in my solo act.

Kaleidoscope Guys

Currently Available - duo format, or trio if applicable.

Earl Barnhardt & the Barnburners

Here are some tunes I recorded with my occasional electric band, "Nobody's Fool."

Original Songs

This player contains some of my best original songs, recorded with full band arrangements.

St. Elmo's Fire

These songs are from a session at Shaggy Dog Studios in Stockbridge, Massachusettes in 1974. We called the band "St. Elmo's Fire," and the lineup included Buddy Miller (lead vocal on "You Can Have Her", "Ballad of Jody Moore", and "Daddy Was a Trucker"). "Autumn Carol" and "A Friend In You" were both written by Chris Hartshorne, (RIP).

Rocking Chair


The Unfaithful Servant

Louisiana 1927


Still The One

Shower The People

I Put a Spell on You

Small Town Girl

Worried Life Blues